I write because…

NaBloPoMo, here I go! So – I write because

  • I just have to do it – I am a total. Blogging. Beginner. But I am not a total writing beginner – maybe just a little less of one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a writing fiend! In my head, anyway. This is why I started my blog, because I just have to do it, like Shia says. In any project, the hardest step for me has always (aaaaalways) just been to start the darn thing. I’m too busy trying to make the icing perfect when I haven’t even put out the ingredients yet. I hope this makes sense. I think that’s why this writing assignment is called “I Write Because”, not “I Think About Writing Because”.
  • Expression is my best friend – I’m at work 8+ hours a day. Because it’s just my personality, I’m the person who listens and documents things. Don’t get me wrong – I love listening and documenting things. The workplace is full of Type A’s, and if I can help it, I’m not gonna put myself out there. That’s my thing, and that’s my input and output process – at work. I need something at home, something I can rely on when my head feels especially full. I guess this is my way of putting myself out there!
  • The process of writing is a beautiful thing – I used to love essays in high school. It combined many favorite things at the time for me: reading, writing, getting good grades, getting into rabbit holes analyzing this and that – and structure. Essays just don’t work very well if they don’t have a structure. You could have the most nonsensical topic to write about, and you could still get that ‘A’, if you had a kick-ass outline and great analysis skills, or persuasive skills, or… rhyming skills, or whatever. And I correct myself – I still love essays.
  • I am passionate about it – If you still can’t tell, I love writing. Almost any kind, really. In high school, when I skipped class, I didn’t go to the mall, or wherever the “cool people” went, I went to the library. I know, I was a freak! But then again, you probably were, too. It wasn’t just the words in the book that I absorbed. I appreciated eloquence, and how a writer could express an entire atmosphere with just a handful of words.
  • It makes me a better thinker – I’m not the type to work through problems in my head. If I can write it, I can see it. Sometimes, I’ve found the solution to an issue I’m having as I’m writing it down, mid-sentence. And it’s not just when I’m writing that this magical event happens. The more I write, the better my verbal communications become. Writing just makes me sound smarter. B)
  • I want to build my confidence (everywhere) – My theory with starting my blog is that, if I put myself out there out in this sublime space or whatever other people call WordPress, I will put myself out there in more aspects of my life, and the lovely things I want to achieve will come closer through expression and action. That’s how the world works – I think. And through this, maybe I will become a braver – and, according to Roald Dahl – a lovelier person.

roald dahl good thoughts

DAY 1 ASSIGNMENT: I Write Because…

Why do you write? This is a question you can answer again and again, as your response might evolve over time. You may have already addressed it in a previous blog post. Some bloggers also use this question, and variations of it, to shape their bios and About pages. Why am I here? Who am I? Why do I blog?


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