Where my lists reside

Where EXACTLY do I write?

I will say one clarifying thing at the beginning, here. The who/when/where/why of my blog-writing is fairly stable and boring. The what/how is the stuff, man. It’s where it’s at. To summarize, the former’s not that important; the latter is crucial.

I’ll start in ascending order of importance:

  • Who: ME, surprise, surprise.
  • When: Towards the much later portion of my waking life, between 9pm and midnight – later than that if I’m in “the zone”. Haha. Kind of a douche-y term, but there you go!
  • Where: Always at my laptop, hooked up to a wireless keyboard and a (thankfully) larger monitor. I’m currently short on space, so my boyfriend is usually right next to me, coding his cute geeky programmer heart out. I also live with 3 engineers. So sometimes I penetrate my ears with those foam things as deeply as I can when they’re screaming at each other playing StarCraft.

The crux of the matter:

  • What: If you knew me in person, you would know that I love lists! I organize my thoughts, actions, hopes & dreams, shopping lists (yes, plural!), favorite books, music, everything in a list of some sort. Everything I write about probably: a) originated as a list, b) was posted as a list, and/or c) is an item on an existing list of mine. See, I did it again! I can’t stop it, ahhh! I’m the list monster!
  • How: How do I get my ideas? Hmm. I am a dock. I get my goods through many ships. Hah! That simile really sucked! Let me know in the comments below if you come up with a better one! You probably will, haha. I get my ideas on the bus, in the shower, and mid-song-lyric. Those are the three most common “ships” I get that merch.

By the by … this whole thing is a list! I am ridiculous!


Where do you write? Do you prefer blogging on your laptop in a coffee shop? Are you productive in a quiet room, door closed, away from civilization? Today, describe the space where you write. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting? Consider these questions to shape your post:

  • What are your writing habits?
  • What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
  • What do you need and want in a physical space?

8 thoughts on “Where my lists reside

    1. Being a list aficionado is a gift AND a curse, I feel! Glad to have found another :). I tried to check out your blog, but it won’t let me … there’s an apostrophe in the website address “www.what’snext.wordpress.com” – that could be what’s throwing it off?


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