An exercise in restraint

This is for you.

It always comes back to you

These revolutions of a planet
Around the warm sun
Your reach
Am I slowly coming closer?
It is so long
Between every meeting
I cannot tell

Will you burn me if I am?
And I
Bombard you when
Overcome with gravity?

We coincide and everything fades

I know you
I know you
I know you
Commanding sun

You know me
You know me
You know me
Small and unassuming

But this gravity
It beckons and coaxes

What happens when
An unstoppable force
Meets an immovable object?

I have no clue
Only the Joker knows

DAY 13 ASSIGNMENT: Play with Word Count

On days when you feel stuck and aren’t sure how to write a post, it might well be that your topic and content are solid, but your approach needs tweaking. Have you tried experimenting with word count?

In today’s post, pay attention to the total length of your post: if you usually write posts under 500 words, aim for longer. If you tend to write a lot, be succinct. For those who’d like to aim for a specific word count, here are ideas:

  • Write a 50-word story (or, if you feel daring, a series of 50-word stories). Get inspired by the tiny tales at 50-Word Stories.
  • Take a look at some 100-word stories at 100 Word Story, or this Reader’s Digest list of winning 100-Word True Stories, then take a stab at your own. Your first attempt at flash fiction? Your last vacation? A fleeting encounter at the grocery store?
  • Pick a previously published longer post you’d like to pare down. Keep it at 750 words or less, like the essays at Brevity, a site of concise creative nonfiction.
  • Want to go long? Expand on an existing post. Search your drafts that are thematically similar and see if you can merge parts of each. Or, combine two or more published posts into one longform piece, made up of multiple pages or sections divided by subheads or graphic elements.

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