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Thank you, Opalflame, for nominating me! It was fantastic to discover your music-oriented, expressive, and exclamatory blog – I vastly enjoy reading it and hope to have more lively discussions on our mutual love for music!

5 bloggers that caught my eye:

  • mydizzypoetry – Aptly named. Atmosphere and mood spin around mydizzypoetry’s prose as naturally as a spider would spin a web.
  • Everyday Voices – Her eloquence in writing about issues that matter to her gives her a strong, empowered voice that is also deeply personal. I always gain a little perspective when I read her blog.
  • Rosemawrites – Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes joyful, I always feel a little more uplifted whenever I read one of her posts.
  • Fractured Reality – I appreciate her pensive tone and observations. Her stories, letters, and introspection bring me to a quieter place.
  • A Short Conversation – The tiles on her main page are beautiful to look at, and her short stories on love and daydreams are a pleasure to read.

Nominees, should you choose to accept your nomination, here are some questions for you!

  • If you were a pair of shoes, what would you be and why?
  • If you love singing, what is your go-to karaoke song? OR if you don’t love singing, what is your go-to late night driving song?
  • What is your comfort food?
  • What is the most common […]

Breakups are a statement, not a conversation

Context: I am breaking up with my boyfriend. We have been together 4 years. A significant portion of it has been either mediocre or bad.

I am not committed, I don’t want to be committed, and I won’t want to be for a while. I have determined this after 4 years. He insists I will feel differently if he changes – and if I change alongside him. No. I can’t. I won’t. 

You repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

You think saying the same thing multiple ways will finally make him comprehend – tears will stop their trail mid-cheek and he will look at you, new understanding dawning onto his face, and the two of you will finally stop crying.

FYI: this never happens. Some wisdom I’ve gained from the last week – never prolong a breakup if you can help it.

You start on this road with good intentions […]

Time, scope & budget: The project of breaking someone’s heart

This blank page on which I’m typing can achieve such an array of moods.

Overcome with inspiration, words frantically humping to create more and more of themselves as they leak out of me and are sucked into the vacuum that is the blank page.

Now is not such a time. I am overcome, it’s true, but with a much less joyful chaos than the one described above.

I am distraught with the project of breaking someone’s heart. I say project because – well, quite honestly, it has all the makings of one.

The three factors of a project:

  1. Timeline
  2. Scope
  3. Budget


Comedy of errors: Google searches at work


I work on a tech support team of sorts.

One day recently, I was “doing research” for a gal up in Finance who accidentally deleted a file, and acting out on my Google search reflex, I started typing into the search bar “accidentally…”

And lo and behold, treasures appeared! All my “research” efforts I have conducted for other people… and myself. Mostly myself. Below are some gems.

Note: Please excuse the brevity, spelling, and punctuation errors. Sent from my moments of panic. […]