Comedy of errors: Google searches at work


I work on a tech support team of sorts.

One day recently, I was “doing research” for a gal up in Finance who accidentally deleted a file, and acting out on my Google search reflex, I started typing into the search bar “accidentally…”

And lo and behold, treasures appeared! All my “research” efforts I have conducted for other people… and myself. Mostly myself. Below are some gems.

Note: Please excuse the brevity, spelling, and punctuation errors. Sent from my moments of panic.

• • •

A history of accidents:

“i accidentally deleted clutter folder from outlook inbox how get it back”

“i accidentally hit save on word 2013 document how to get back previous version”

My oh-shit-oh-shit-oh-shit saga:

“i accidentally sent email how to call it back”

“where recall button outlook”

“where recall button outlook 2013”

Division-manager-didn’t-like-how-his-email-looked saga:

“outlook change font size subject line”

“outlook change font size unread email”

“outlook change color unread email”

Randoms (don’t judge me):

“what is facetime”

“what is a router”

“what is a modem”

“how does a fax machine work”

“what is an operating system”

“what is a private session”

And of course, my personal crisis, the Evernote saga:

Oh. My. God. 

“accidentally deleted evernote note”

Oh, whew, okay I can just recover it from the trash bin!

“where evernote trash bin”

WTF there’s a ‘trash bin’ for every platform out there except for Blackberry??? I’m gonna confirm this shit

“no evernote trash bin for blackberry?”


*breathing through paper bag* Oh wait, I can just log into Evernote’s website! There’s probably a trash bin there!

“where evernote website trash bin”

• • •

This goes on for a while, but I finally figured it out. Thank God for search engines. Seriously, if it weren’t for human stupidity, I’d be out of a job (case in point up above)!




2 thoughts on “Comedy of errors: Google searches at work

  1. No judgment here!! Searching saves my life. I once locked myself out of my laptop (who can remember all the passwords!!) and google search helped me hack it. Dopeness!!! I felt so badass, lol. Google can make us look smart and stupid at the same time, smart cuz we search, stupid because we didn’t “intuitively” know…*shrug, I’m okay with not being a genius.


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