Coffee date #1: In limbo

Have patience. In times of indecision and confusion, certainty is often just one insight away.

–Donna M. Thomas

You ever have that situation at work where a situation lingers on because someone kept changing their mind – or worse – no one made a decision?

Ever since my first foray into the professional world, I’ve discovered some things about myself. One of them is this: I am not okay with ambiguity.

There are many things in my life right now that are in transition, and this sense of undecided-ness lends a certain awkwardness and clutter to the projects I want to start and the things I want to learn. It is akin to seeing an unfinished building dripping electrical cables, or a stone sculpture half-chiseled into definition.

I feel like I’m just waiting for a sign – a more concrete sign than that of my own feelings – to make a decision on one of these things currently in transition. I have always had a certain distrust for my own feelings. Maybe that’s why I flip-flop so much on my choices.


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