I have a coworker whose sister and aunt and at least two other female relatives are breast cancer survivors. My friend herself has survived it. Her mother and other sister did not. Now, this woman is amazing. She faces life with the most giving of hearts, the gentlest of wits, and a stoicism that is just so stately, it makes me become just a little dignified being around her (which is totally crazyI’m not what you’d call “dignified”). I listened to her talk about staying with her aunt at the hospital while she underwent chemo therapy, in the same tone that you would use talking about taking your child to a dentist appointment“business as usual, not a big deal”.

Breast cancer is in their genes; two generations, seven women. It makes me realize that they must have quite the relationship with the word “inevitable”.

When I think about my own life’s ‘inevitabilities’, I almost have to scoff. What inevitabilities? The only thing I’m sure will happen is dinner. Definitely dinner. And death. But not necessarily by breast cancer. That instead, is something my dear friend has to contemplate for the rest of her life.

Did you know “evitable” is a word? I didn’t, not until I looked it up today. It means what you’d expect it to: “capable of being avoided.”

It is an uncanny phenomenon that in this case, the negative of a word (‘in’-evitable) is so much more established in everyday life than the positive. Even Dictionary.com says “evitable” is a rare adjective. And I think to myself, how discouraging for us to opt for the more fatalistic of the two! Humans are such drama queens [insert ironic eye roll here].

I think we need to backtrack a little bit here, and focus on what’s in our sphere of control. At the risk of sounding too much like a motivational speaker, let’s take back our lives and the direction it’s headed in! Let’s avoid the things we CAN avoid and make the best of the things we  can’t. Let’s make “evitable” more well-known than “inevitable”!

I have this cutout at my work desk of Shia LaBeouf from his “motivational” video. It always helps me out and cracks me up. I hope it will, too:

“Just do it!”

A response to today’s Daily Post prompt: Inevitable



One thought on “(In)evitable

  1. Hey, I actually stumbled across your blog before I realised you had commented on my mind. Love that evitable is a word! I never even realised so I’ve learnt something new today!


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