This breakdown is dedicated to my 3-year-grind learning how to drive stick. I’m a slow learner.


First gear—
Feel that resistance
To click into place
The first inches come
With struggle and pain


Timid, insistent
My feet do a dance
Pushing the pedals
(Not quite) to the max


The game (velocity)
That amateurs practice
Drive me to the middle
And improve my tactics


A state of stability
I could get used to this
I look up; alas, a pinnacle
I can’t call it quits


Rolling at my highest potential
So glad to be here
Sharks die in inertia
But I’ll just go down (the gears)


And that’s how the flow goes driving a 5-speed.


10 thoughts on “Stick

    1. Hi Marianne, thank you for stopping by! 🙂
      I was prey to my stepdad’s tradition of teaching all his daughters stick before automatic. But I’m happy to have had the lesson, and will always love driving stick for as long as I am able to drive. It’s worth it! You should give it a shot, get a tutor! 😀

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