There should be a t-shirt that says…

… “I followed these bloggers because they fucked up my shit with one line.”

Damn. There are people up in this joint who can write.

Below are some bloggers I started following recently, all because one line of theirs triggered my “Follow” reflex automatically.

And because I’m weird and I’m new to WordPress, I can do anything I want! [Insert demonic laugh here.]

So, I created my own blog award just to nominate and commend folks for their impressive one-liner superpowers. Because that takes mad skillz.

First Impressions Blogger Award3

The First Impressions Award: To be given to folks for their impressive one-liner superpowers. Because that takes mad skillz.

Give me some credit, though. I did do my research. You are allowed to make your own blog awards. So fuck yeah. I be makin’ one of these erry week!

*** Rule ***

Folks below, if you choose to accept the nomination, all I ask is this:

If one line of a fellow blogger whose blog you have never visited before made you stop and gawk at their genius, pass forward this nomination!


That’s the only rule. I know there are usually obscenely time-consuming rules with accepting a nomination, but guess what? I’m not using those this time around; this is my halftime show.


*** Nominations ***

Hot White Snow: A story about childhood and jam—as simple & sweet as that.

“Which is why I always have a secret stash of jam on my mind”


the FLAVORED word: A humbling anecdote on the “loveliness” of hot yoga.

“And so, I made it all the way to “Namaste”, nodded my head, rolled up my mat and exited, stage left, as fast as I could.”


A Lot from Lydia: Broodings on memories.

“[Memories] are filtered through a soft lens of sentimentality.”


Howl and Moan: The truly important things in life.

“On Longing (or things I miss the shit out of)”


An Upturned Soul: Musings on the behavioral limits of being a woman.

“well, I’ve never been any good at following instructions, and rules make me nervous because they’re so fragile and I’m rather clumsy, sometimes deliberately.”


candid shot: I do love her stream-of-consciousness post. But I quoted her tagline because that’s really what caught my eye. That’s not a word you see every day.

“longing for petrichor”




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