Are you Air, Fire, or Earth?

What is the nature of your dreams? Are you Air, Fire, or Earth? What are your bowel movements li—ahem. Sorry. Got carried away there for a second. These are not my questions… These are questions asked by this Ayurvedic quiz I took online.

I took this quiz to see what my dosha, or body type was.

In Ayurvedic school of thought, there are three body types: Vata (winter air and ether), Pitta (summer fire and water), and Kapha (spring earth and water).

Everyone is any combination of the three, but one element will always be dominant. In theory, knowing your dosha will help you learn your susceptibilities and live a healthier life.


Instinctively, because of my melancholic tendencies and ability to listen well, I thought I was more Kapha than anything. Upon taking the test, my results were quite unexpected — I am predominantly Pitta, with Vata going for second place, and Kapha not far behind. Hmm; seems my Type A side has fought hard to win this quiz.

**My Ayurvedic results** Pitta leads.

Like a Nutrition Facts label with the most plentiful ingredient mentioned first, I am made up chronologically of: Fire, Air, and Earth.

Come to think of it, it’s not all that surprising at all. I am mostly Fire. What gets me in trouble, I suppose, is when my Vata side ‘fans the flames’, so to speak — my anxiety and nervousness exacerbate my inherent anger and perfectionist tendencies.

I can get pretty uncontrollable, what with Air and Fire enabling each other like that.


What results did you get? I’m curious to see what you’re made of. ; )


4 thoughts on “Are you Air, Fire, or Earth?

    1. That’s a good question. It’s hard to say. I would have to agree with you though.
      I know I tended towards Vata more in the past, but having been in the working world for about 3 years now, I have changed towards Pitta. And that may change.

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