I’m starting to understand the premise of adulthood now: recognizing the patterns in all the mundane-ness.

I know I’m getting accustomed to adulthood because I can feel my capacity to be surprised dwindling with every year of life. Oh, someone cut me off in traffic? No big deal, whatever, I’d probably do the same thing rushing back home. Oh, someone else got assigned this very important task at work? That’s alright, I don’t have to be a superstar all the time.

It’s a non-issue — I can almost feel myself shrugging my shoulders nonchalantly, with an air of that’s life.

It’s about getting used to all the anticlimaxes that occur in life, like when you realize you are no longer someone’s most important person, where, once upon a time, you may have been. It’s okay — life happens. People move on. And more importantly, I’ve moved on.

These bittersweet realizations no longer hurt as much, and that’s because I know that in the big picture, I’m picking the right battles to fight. I’m less reluctant to let go; I have lost the death grips so common to the youthful.

This ever-growing stoicism (/wisdom/calmness/unflappability/help me find the right word here?) feels like a good thing.


5 thoughts on “Anticlimaxes

  1. You could see it like this: Friends, people, partners can come and they can go,(physically it is always finally in the very end..) When one is leaving for whatever reason, it is opening the space for a new experience / friendship. By letting go one, you create space for welcoming a new one. 🙂


  2. ‘I have lost the death grips so common to the youthful.’ So very true. I am much less concerned with holding on to people, feelings, grudges, these days. Today I recieved a parking ticket for $150 – in the past I would be raving mad thinking of all the reasons why I needed that money and why it wasn’t fair as the signs were misleading; today I simpy saw the lesson. Scarcity thoughts bring about more scarcity – and so I raised my thoughts to one of abundance and appreciation. Such is life. It is, afterall, paper money – no need to waste my energy on the ‘anticlimaxes’ of life. Thank you for sharing xx


    1. Oh, your parking ticket story is so relatable! Haha I can’t believe how many I’ve gotten already in the short span of years I’ve been driving. And you’re right — no need to waste energy on the anticlimaxes. What a succinct way to put it. I love it, thank you. ❤

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