She unlocked the door, peeled off her layers, and removed her bra. It’s 6:30, and the might of the day has placed itself on the other side of those hinges. She wasn’t a champion of anything anymore, no — in that space of stucco and stains, she was just herself, reclaiming herself. On her naked floor, she walked around unclothed. The only face she saw was her own in the mirror, pensive and undemanding of her time and energy. In fact, nothing in this world was demanding anything of her right now. Even her newly treated apartment windows dappled the hazy evening light, as if the very building itself understood — she needed things diluted at this very moment.

Bare-bodied, skin left raw to the air, just free to close her eyes, close her thighs, close her mind, she slips on her gratitude. Thank you, she thinks. Thank you for surviving this day.

Daily Post prompt: Champion


8 thoughts on “Refuge

  1. Well written.. I love nothing better at the end of a stressful day than taking off the bra and getting into “comfort clothes” or pjs and unwinding on the couch 😊


  2. Beautifully done.
    May I please ask…. How does one participate I daily prompt blog post? I’m not sure where to find them the say way everyone else does. 🙏


    1. Hey Nesu, sorry for the late reply… I swear I thought I had replied to this already!

      Here’s how you participate in Daily Post’s daily prompts:

      1. Go to this site:

      2. Pick the prompt you want to reply to (they post something every day).

      3. Write.

      4. Somewhere in your post, link back to the page of the prompt. Doing this will create a ping back to the prompt page, and people will be able to see your reply to the prompt, along with others who have done the same thing. Creating the ping back can be handled many different ways, but I usually put it right at the end of my post, whereas others do it somewhere in the body of their post.

      5. Publish!


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