Thank you for your clumsiness in stumbling across this space, this one cobblestone among many in this universe of words.

This space is a location in my mind, a veritable Room of Requirement, for those Harry Potheads who may be reading this.

I unload most things here, like my piles of lists, mountains of meanderings, and prose haphazardly scattered across the rushes.

But more specifically (and more importantly), this space is for my vulnerability, anger, and nostalgic moments. And sometimes, this is where my ugly realizations are captured in meaningful ways.

I am:

left-brained, but incredibly sentimental
Asian, but white inside
an extroverted introvert
an old soul’ed millenial
an audiophile
a logophile
a Canadian Filipino mentally marooned on my childhood island, Kosrae

My real hometown; you can probably see why I’d prefer to kick it here.

If you want to send me ideas, bat your eyelashes at me, strike up a conversation, or just spam my inbox with one-word-emails (please try to control yourself if that is, unfortunately, your intent), here’s a way to do so:


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi… I did just stumble across your blog. what does that mean you feel “white” inside? What do white people feel like?
    I don’t mean to too forward if I am. Please say none of your business if this is inappropriate. And thank you for your time, if you choose to reply. Of course it’s none of my business and maybe I should read your poems to see what they feel like… Maybe that’s how you mean being asian but white inside feels. I only read one poem of yours so far where you wanted to be like the dust. Technically we are all made of the same things as stars… gas and light and dust. So you are the nomad you hope to be… 🙂
    The Filipino women I have met are all powerful and wonderful people.
    By the way I am white. I once told a dear friend I only wanted to be me, but that I thought black women were the most beautiful and if I’d had a choice I wanted to be black. She was biracial and identified as black… and that was the only thing I ever said to her, that horrified her. She couldn’t fathom wanting to be black.
    Maybe this is about attraction. What we want to be near… we feel like. I am officially rambling. forgive me.


  2. I was attracted to your beautiful header..and your tag line. There’s a saying that no matter how petite or small you are, you can make giant impacts. Its lovely coming across to this Blog. I think I would stay reading further on. ~Christina


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